Thursday, August 4, 2016

Japan tragedy

Satoshi Uematsu, a Japanese man who worked at a care facility for the intellectually challenged, went on a stabbing spree inside of the facility one day last week. It is known that he had previously been terminated from working there months prior. Since being terminated, he had written a letter to the governmental Parliament explaining in detail the gruesome plans that he wished to carry out. These plans spelled out the mentality of this man by stating, "all disabled people be put to death through a world that allows for mercy killing" or, what he considers a "revolution". He stated that he would have the ability to kill 470 people within the two facilities that he was planning the attacks on. Uematsu was said to have actually killed or seriously wounded around forty-five individuals, which were all patients of the facility, throughout his attack. He chose to enter the building by breaking through a window at 2 a.m. because he was aware of the fact that there were only a few workers on duty during those hours. Fortunately, he turned himself in to the police after causing the tragedy inside of Tsukui Yamayuri-en and never had the chance to bloodily go after the individuals inside of the other facility that he had intended to in his plan. This tragedy was unbelievable to many who knew or were acquainted with Uematsu in any way. He was said to be a very happy, fun, smiling, kind individual in which they would never have thought would do something like this. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

TAN on The Sandusky Register's "Between The Lines"

Between the Lines: Gaining Access

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